Biopsies and necropsies have been performed but no consensus has been reached as to why this is occurring, what the condition is, or most importantly how to cure it!

At the beginning stages it often goes unnoticed, because the swelling moves up and down the subcutaneous tissue and moves down into the body cavity, out of sight and reach.

There have been numerous unconfirmed hypotheses regarding this condition. 

The Condition

Full body edema may or may not accompany the neck swelling.

Some swellings appear as one, others appear as two, one on each side of the neck. 

It was once thought to be caused by overeating or eating the wrong types of food.  From the current study data collected, 1 or 2 animals in a group have the condition while the others, all being fed the same diet, do not exhibit any swellings. 

The condition usually appears before

10 years of age, affecting both males and females.